Diver rescued from Underwater cave in Jackson County, TN!

On 17 April 2019, a visiting British diver became stranded in an airbell when his guideline to the entrance of the cave became damaged. Twenty-seven hours later, Florida cave diver Edd Sorrensen, with the help of most of the cave divers in Tennessee and the Chattanooga rescue squad, made a short dive to the airbell and guided the diver to safety. Certainly movie material, but in these days of amazing cave diving rescues, the luck of the diver seems almost mundane. Regardless, this cave turned out to be one that I had dove a couple of years previous. Of course, there was survey data and a crude stick map was produced for the rescue crews. The news outlets are looking for something to display to the public. Though I have little faith that the original map will be shown on TV, perhaps they will make some flashy TV graphic out of it. Regardless, here is the completed map, for those interested. For those more detail inclined, please note the survey grade.

Mill Pond Cave 17APR19.jpg